Turn Dyslexia into your Superpower

The game-changing online learning programme helping
children aged 7-13 with dyslexia or other learning difficulties.


Why Dyslexia Potential?



We know how this feels but we also know how to relieve some stress and confusion.



We’ve been there too. Our techniques are all dyslexic-friendly and achievable.



Traditional education can leave you feeling down. Our approach is practical and empowering.


Where will you use Dyslexia Potential?



Integrate Dyslexia Potential into your afterschool learning at home. Work through the videos and exercises with your child at their pace and your schedule.



If you’re a teacher or educator, our programme could really benefit your school. With options for different class sizes or cohorts we can deliver the system you need.


23 Lesson Program

A collection of 23 Lessons

Each lesson includes a video for you and your child to watch together, uncovering your child’s super powers and learning about famous Dyslexics who use dyslexia as an advantage

Every video comes with an exercise

To cement the learning from each lesson, the videos come with practical exercises and challenges to complete that you can print out at home.

Build a support crew

After the course is over, you’ll walk away with a support network of people who can help your child, from teachers to friends and family.

Free resources, open to everyone

We’ve collected some of the best resources from around the web as well as created some of our own.


What our customers say.

Lynn Berresford

“I have had the pleasure of meeting Matt and hearing him speak. He is highly intelligent, superbly articulate and speaks clearly from his own experience and the challenges faced by students with dyslexia learning limitations.”

Diane Grant ONZM

“Since meeting Matt several years ago in relation to his organisation Dyslexia Potential, I have observed him to be unusually mature in the thoughtful and positive way he engages with all ages and plans and organises the presentations he has designed to help others with dyslexia.”

Michelle Moore

“Dyslexia Potential has been a huge boost to my daughter Lara and us a family in supporting her. As well as working on improving the things she finds challenging there is such a positive vibe about what she is good at. Building her confidence from what she can do rather than what she can’t is priceless.”

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