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  • For students between the ages of 7-13

Dyslexia Potential
for Schools

35% of students with dyslexia or other learning difficulties drop out of high school. Our programme is designed to give kids confidence in their abilities and reduce stress or anxiety in the classroom. With Dyslexia Potential, you’ll give students with dyslexia or other learning difficulties the opportunity to love learning.

Impact on users

Dyslexia Potential improves self-esteem

Matt tells his story through the videos and, throughout the programme, helps the students to see their learning difference as a strength.

Tools and strategies empower students

Students can take ownership of the way they learn – often in really unique and creative ways.

Students learn how to overcome barriers

We help kids learn how their strengths (their superpowers) can help them succeed both at school and beyond the classroom.

Role models inspire kids

Students can see how other people with learning differences have used their strengths to achieve amazing things in life, from social and community work to academic success.

Improve overall well-being

We explore mindfulness and resilience techniques to aid focus, emotional well-being and continued success.

Build support networks

Students learn vital team-building skills that will help them throughout life.


Our mission is to empower dyslexic kids and help them find their path. We know – from experience! – that dyslexia is not a weakness, but our greatest strength.


Spent running in person workshops across NZ + AUS

2000+ PEOPLE

Have been through our workshops, parents and kids alike


Combined on our digital workshop content videos

“Dyslexia Potential is a great asset for my dyslexic pupils as it boosts their confidence with the amazing support it offers. It also gives them the opportunity to build their strengths and to focus on their strong points. I notice a big shift in their attitude and positivity when they are being tutored by me as they present a much more upbeat and confident approach.”

Beverley Kelly
Dyslexic Tutor

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