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What is Dyslexia Potential?

Created specifically for children with dyslexia or similar learning differences, Dyslexia Potential is a programme that enables dyslexics to discover and develop their strengths to help them at school.


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Video-based and interactive with a holistic approach, Dyslexia Potential is both empowering and effective. Plus, as your child goes through the course, you’ll have access to all the parent resources so you can learn alongside them.


IntroMeet Matt Strawbridge founder of Dyslexia Potential as he shares his key steps for kids and parents to take together.
Your Dyslexic ProfileLearn about your Dyslexic Strengths. In this lesson Matt tells his story and journey with dyslexia, and you will put together a dyslexic profile so you and others can understand more about your dyslexia
Foam SpellingIt’s exactly as it sounds! Using creative methods, kids can practice and review their spelling words in a dyslexic-friendly way
3D SpellingAnother tactile spelling activity, kids can practice and review their words by using Play-Doh
Eye Tracking: Figure 8We look at creative ways to learn how to read and go through one of the Dyslexia Potential activities to improve eye tracking
Finger TrackingFinger tracking helps hugely with your reading fluency. Use Matt’s technique to make reading smoother and easier
Repetitive ReadingWe look at another creative way to learn how to read, demonstrating the practical method of Repetitive Reading
Eye Tracking: Tip of the PencilThis eye tracking exercise follows on from the previous one. Make a figure eight motion with a pen or pencil in front of your face and slowly track it with your eyes
What’s A Dyslexic Superpower?Learn about dyslexic superpowers, what they are how to identify them and why you have them. In this video, we start by looking at Creativity.
Open-mindedness & 3D ThinkingWe look at the next set of superpowers, Open Mindedness and 3D Thinking, and explore ways that the learner can develop these powers to overcome challenges in the classroom.
Big Picture Thinking & CompassionThe next superpowers are Big Picture thinking and Compassion. Big Picture thinkers are typical dyslexics as they don’t focus on details. Compassionate dyslexics are those who gain empathy from their struggles
Visual Memory & strategical ThinkingThese strengths often come together and can be a mighty force! We look into each of these superpowers and why they work so well with each other.
Leadership & DifferentWe recognize the fact dyslexic learners can feel different in the classroom, and how this can be a superpower in itself combined with the other powers, dyslexics can become great leaders.
Social Awareness, and BeyondIn this lesson, we’ll explore the final superpower, Social Awareness. Then we will look at how the superpowers come together to help kids overcome challenges at school, and in life.
Dyslexic Role Models: ActorsExplore the stories of Keira Knightley and Jim Carrey and see how they used their superpowers to overcome relatable struggles in the classroom.
Dyslexic Role Models: Business LeadersSee how two of the world’s top business leaders, Richard Branson and Henry Ford achieved greatness by using their dyslexia as a strength.
Dyslexic Role Models: ActivistsDiscover how Erin Brockovich and Mohammad Ali used their ability to see the world in a different way to inspire positive change.
Dyslexic Role Models: Inventors“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -Albert Einstein. We learn from the way inventors solve problems and apply this to everyday challenges.
Dyslexic Role Models: AcademicsLearn how two academics, the world’s top heart surgeons and one of the most respected lawyers, found strategies to get through school.
Building Resilience: Mindfulness TechniquesWe explore a mindfulness technique and introduce an interactive activity for building up resilience.
Building Resilience: Interactive ActivityMatt talks about how our body reacts to stressful situations and we explore a mindfulness technique to overcome this.
Support Crew: RelationshipsRelationships in the classroom can be tough to navigate. We look at strategies for dealing with bullies, and how a support crew can help.
Building Your Support CrewHow to build a support network of people so that you always have someone to help you with things like homework or proof-reading. We’ll also talk about how you can ask for help.


Our mission is to empower dyslexic kids and help them find their path. We know – from experience! – that dyslexia is not a weakness, but our greatest strength.


Spent running in person workshops across NZ + AUS

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Susan Bates

“In the space of an afternoon, Matt’s workshop transformed my sons thinking from being embarrassed to be dyslexic and seeing it as a disadvantage, to seeing it in a different light, as a special club.”


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